Solo Exhibitions

Redefine Gallery: BXZL, Orlando, FL

Group Exhibitions

Scope Art Fair/Thinkspace Gallery: Art Basel-Miami, FL

Aqua Art Fair/Thinkspace Gallery: Art Basel-Miami, FL

Cherry Blast: Washington, DC




Solo Exhibitions

Redefine Gallery: Come As You Are, Orlando, FL

Group Exhibitions

Gallery 309/ Thinkspace Gallery: LAX/PHL Philadelphia, PA




Group Exhibitions

The Art of Kung Fu: Myths and Legends, Los Angeles, CA

Picks of The Harvest, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

G-40 Art Summit, Richmond, VA




Group Exhibitions

Get To Give Art Benefit , Costa Mesa, CA

Culver City Art Walk, Thinkspace Gallery Culver City, CA




Group Exhibitions

Love Conquers All, Los Angeles, CA

The New Order, 99% Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

The Next Generation: A New Chapter in Contemporary Art- curated by Thinkspace, London Miles Gallery, London UK



Solo Exhibitions

Mary In BronxZooLand, Los Angeles, CA

Group Exhibitions

Aqua Art Fair, Miami, Fl

Gen Art 15 year anniversary: I heart gen art, New York, NY

Culver City Invasion, Artwalk Culver City, CA

Ca-Boom Invasion, Beverly Hills, CA



Group Exhibitions

Gen Art Vanguard New Contemporary Art Fair, Charcoal Studios, Miami, FL

The Trinity, Thinkspace Gallery , Los Angeles, CA

The 2nd Coming, Pale Horse Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL

Bk Fashion Weekend, Northside Piers, Brooklyn,NY



Group Exhibition

Untitled Love Project, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Dream a little Dream, The Hive, Los Angeles, CA

Heat, Nostylgia, NYC

Group Show, The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Untitled Love Project, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA

Triple Threat, SURU, Los Angeles, CA

Can’t Live With Them…Can’t Live Without’em, J.Flynn Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA

Picks of the Harvest, Batch 4, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles CA

Cpopportunity, Cpop Gallery, Detroit, MI



Solo Exhibition

Piola/New York, NY

Group Exhibition

The Construct of Abstraction, Agora Gallery, New York, NY



Solo Exhibition

Color of Music, Brooklyn Brewery, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibition 

The Red Light District, New York, NY



Solo Exhibition

LF Boutique,New York NY

Group Exhibition

Scenes In The Sky, Tribeca, New York, NY

Bank street College, New York, NY

Soto Velez Cultural Center,New York, NY